Renovated apartments

Apartments in our residential complexes — now with repair!

We always meet the wishes of our owners, and now you have the opportunity to purchase a renovated apartment from our accredited contractor, or order repairs in housing already purchased in our residential complexes.

You do not have to control the builders yourself, monitor the progress of work and worry about the quality. You won't have to painfully choose materials and think about color combinations. Everything will be done for you by professionals who thoughtfully worked on every little thing and who will save the most important thing — your time.

In order to facilitate your choice already at the design stage, we have prepared three typical interior projects:

  • "Classic": stylish Scandinavian interior, where every detail is thought out, there is nothing superfluous, and materials and shades are perfectly combined with each other. This interior will suit a guest who is too busy and wants nothing to distract him from his work. Restrained colors, straight lines and well-organized space are the keys to the success of this style with discerning guests.
  • "Loft": a very popular style in recent years that emphasizes the good taste of the owner. Such interiors are preferred by young, active people — they try to take the maximum from life and enjoy every minute.
  • "Boudoir": we designed this interior with a view to a young girl who loves to surround herself with beautiful things, take pictures and upload her photos to social networks. A stylish background is important for her — as well as large wardrobes where she will store her many outfits.

Thus, while your neighbors organize the process themselves or wait for a good team to be released, you will enjoy life in your new apartment or already receive rental income. Contact our sales department, come to a meeting at the office, choose your repair option and in three months install furniture and hang curtains — everything is extremely simple!