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Turkey is a country of builders. Turkish builders are a nation of builders. All this perfectly characterizes the state of affairs in the construction world. In the most respectable international rating "Engineering News Record", which includes more than 250 largest construction contractors, Turkey takes pride of place for a year. And the rating includes not one, but many Turkish construction companies! Today Turkish builders work in dozens of countries building projects throughout our planet.

It all began less than 50 years ago, in 1972, when a Turkish construction company the first overseas contract was obtained. Today, Turkish builders confidently walk across our planet, leaving on traces as a memento hotels of unusual design, sports complexes, stunning high-rise commercial and residential buildings. The first capital of Ukraine also could not stay away from global trends. Thus, the Turkish Development Ukraine company appeared in Kharkov.


Turkish builders really build with high quality, a lot and quickly


They always work with soul, with a smile and conscience


Monolithically structured high-rise buildings built by them in the world cannot be counted


Hotels and high-rise buildings of unusual design are all "Turkish traces" to remember

Apato kaizen apartments

A new trend has emerged in modern real estate - the Japanese "apato kaizen" format, which is being implemented in Ukraine by Turkish Development Ukraine.

"Apato kaizen" means apartments of the optimal area in residential complexes of Comfort classes, Business classes and Business+ classes. These housing estates are built with the finest materials, with the most modern conveniences — silent elevators, motion sensors in wide bright halls, lighting of entrances and other attributes.

The very concept of "apato kaizen" comes from the Japanese word "apato" (apartments in apartment buildings) and "kaizen", the unsurpassed Japanese philosophy that prioritizes continuous improvement. Turkish Development Ukraine carefully approaches each stage of construction, constantly honing all facets of the art of building, which does not only the result, but also the process is flawless.

Residential complexes with apartments in the "apato kaizen" format are mostly located in the central districts of the city and are intended for those owners who appreciate the combination of comfort and common sense in real estate. Such real estate is suitable as a first home for young people or a young family; for rental business or as "spare" housing for frequent business trips.

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